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Sheraton Springfield, MA hotel project

The Sheraton hotel in Springfield, MA has been a labor of love for many years.  It is one of those projects that we renovate sections at a time, with a view towards an entire renovation, that is finallyRead More>>

Response to Dennis Nessler Hotel Business Viewpoint July 15 2013 issue

I read your viewpoint in the July 15, 2013 issue of Hotel Business regarding hotel brands focusing beyond the Millennials. I find it interesting that this is where you draw the line on branding properties. ThereRead More>>

Hotel Business Executive Roundtable Series

I came in this morning to Hotel Business magazine July 15, 2013 issue and I read the Executive Roundtable Series on New Construction vs. Conversions. The article was very centric about how financially right now itRead More>>


My company specializes in hotel design AND hotel purchasing. It is a unique little niche because we are a small business, very hands on, and we start a project at the beginning and continue until itRead More>>

hudson beach glass platter


One of my favorite things is colored glass. Besides loving color (as I have said previously), colored glass allows the light to pass through and depending upon what you use it for, it is can trulyRead More>>

Lamp Shade detailing for interior design blog

GOOD INTERIOR DESIGN… is all in the details!

One of the first things I found out about myself after I became an Interior Designer was I love to look at the details. I find myself walking in to a hotel room while I amRead More>>


It seems to me that everyone today has to become a writer. Whether it is blogging, facebook, twitter, web pages, e-mail, etc. a good part of what we do is write our thoughts, ideas, feelings, andRead More>>