GOOD INTERIOR DESIGN… is all in the details!

One of tcheap viagra overnight300.jpg” alt=”" width=”202″ height=”300″ />he first things I found out about myself after I became an Interior Designer was I love to look at the details. I find myself walking in to a hotel room while I am travelling or working, and my mind notices (and takes little snapshots) of the details. Usually, they are the little details, for example, I prefer if the lamp shades aren’t the same on lamps in the same space. I like to think that a good designer has thought about an “experience” for a guest versus buying things that look like they came out of a showroom and were placed exactly as they were sold. What does the owner need a designer for if they can replicate exactly what they have seen? A talented designer focuses on all the little things that add up to the “big” thing. They think three dimensionally how it will look together and how it will make the right statement. That’s the fun part about designing, and I want to look through every space I enter and try to notice all the things the designer thought about as the space came together. I also want to remember the little things that worked well so one day I can come up with my own idea on how to enhance something I am designing.

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